About ibW


STIRRING, MIXING AND DISPERSING are highly complex hydromechanical processes. Many factors play a role here and need to be taken into account. When transforming liquid, gaseous and solid substances into a homogeneous, stable state, it is imperative to have a scientific groundwork of flow behavior, pragmatic knowledge and a broad production experience.

The high quality of our agitators is a result of the complex calculations we make during the design phase. This is followed by a thorough production process. ibW stands for absolute customer orientation, combined with our practical experience in meeting agitator requirements of many industries. Try our products!

ibW´s committment to sustainability is manifested through the use of renewable energy. At ibW, we have our own solar power system which covers the facility´s complete energy requirements.

Our customers benefit from our highly competent and experienced staff who advise and assist customers from the project-planning stage to the after-sales service. We analyze the entire process chain.

We make a needs-based combination with our several agitators in order to increase cost-effectiveness.